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Naomi House Hospice

Casper spent his last few days at Naomi House.  It is a wonderful hospice that supports not only the child, but the parents too.  They help make an unbearable task easier to deal with, so we can’t give them enough praise.  

Donations from the funeral, and various sponsored events helped raise money for Naomi House last year.  Please see the Thank you page for more information.

If you would like to donate to Naomi House, please click on the logo.

£2979 has been raised so far.


Southampton Paediatric High Dependency Unit (HDU)

We realised that Southampton HDU are lacking some basic items, including breast pumps, and even chairs for visitors to sit on. We will be raising money for these and other items shortly.  They are not a registered charity, so at present there is no easy way to donate.  We will be working on this over the next year.


National Childbirth Trust

NCT are the biggest parenting charity in the UK.  We met some wonderful friends through NCT on their antenatal course, and also took advantage of their fantastic Nearly New Sales, where we purchased many of Casper’s things. However the biggest support we got from them was from the local Breastfeeding Support Service in Winchester.  It was there we turned to Jennie & Jane, the Breastfeeding Counsellors, for independent advice and personal care. Their help will never be forgotten.

Please click on the logo if you would like to donate.

£138 was raised from the sale of Casper’s things that went directly to the Winchester Breastfeeding service.                                                        

Northbrook Ward, Winchester Hospital

While Casper was ill, he was looked after by some wonderful people at Northbrook Ward in Winchester Hospital. The ward has plans for renovation, and there is a £1 million project in the pipeline. As part of this renovation, we are hoping that there will be a dedicated room for BOTH parents to stay with their loved one during the first night that they are admitted with a serious condition - we know this would have helped us during the first few nightmare days.

We will be fundraising and campaigning to make this happen, and are hoping it may be named ‘Casper’s Corner’.



CLIMB is a national organisation working on behalf of children, young people, adults and families affected by metabolic disease.  We used them predominantly for their online Forums, where we could chat to other families going through similar tragedies.  Sadly we didn’t take advantage of it fully, as Casper was not here long enough.  However, we have spoken to many people who have found great comfort and support from them, and as the only recognised charity in the UK that supports families like us, it really gets our vote.  

Click on the Climb logo to send a donation.


The Lily Foundation

The Lily Foundation is committed to finding a cure for Mitochondrial Disease and have a three point mission; fund research, train doctors and support families with sick children.  After Casper died we went online trying to find help, and we came across this amazing charity.  Their inspiration for setting up this charity is truly amazing, and whilst we have a diagnosis, a majority of families don’t.  

We attended the Lily Foundation Annual Ball, which was our first real steps to meeting people who have been through similar experiences. During the evening there was a presentation from Mike Champion from Guy's and St Thomas Hospital, where he explained the progress he had been making. Without the funds raised by the Lily Foundation, they would not be near the breakthroughs they are now making.

If you want to donate, please click on the Lily logo.





If you feel inspired to raise money for any of these charities, please let us know and we will work with you to help in any way we can.









The following charities either assisted Casper during his illness or helped us at some stage following his death. Please see below to see how they helped and click on the logo to make a donation -