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Harriet Ramsay and Karen Cox completed their first half marathon in 2.24 and 2.29 hours respectively.


Harriet said "At about the mile 5 marker, I was running with an experienced runner who commented "Running the Clarendon as your first half marathon is like a baptism by fire& If you had chosen any other you could shave 20 minutes off your time due just due to the terrain conditions, its one of the hardest cross country runs in the South!" I was momentarily pleased with this thought until it quickly dawned on me I had another 8 miles to run& "


The course is very beautiful and despite the rain, the MUD and not forgetting ALL the hills, we thoroughly enjoyed it and will look back fondly in the memory of running along one of the country's finest and oldest foot paths which link two beautiful Cathedrals. It was our first half marathon, and despite the sore muscles, probably worsened from being weighed down with half of Wiltshire's and Hampshire's finest soil attached, it wont be our last!

Well done and Thank you to Harriet Ramsay and Karen Cox who ran the Clarendon Half Marathon on the 3rd October 2010 and raised £1396 in aid of Naomi House

A Big Thank you to all those who gave a contribution to Naomi House at Casper’s funeral.

A stonking £1583 was raised




Greer & Carl

Sarah Bolerstone

Andrew & Sarah Schutte

Julian, Pat, Stephen and

Jacqueline Ingram

Mr David Wilkes

Beau & Sue Dinnage

Duckling Dives Infant Aquatics

Henry & Kath Rau

Mr & Mrs P S Rowley

Mr Damian Dinnage

Jim Hallum & Valerie Stickland

P L Lochner

Margaret Winslet

Mrs Jane Rowley

Giles & Caroline Wilkes

P D V & A L Wilkes

Mrs Angela Fairweather

Mr Andrew Wilkes

Eastleigh Friends of people

with Learning Disability

Friends & Colleagues of Oliver

Wilkes at Temenos UK Ltd

Emma & Andy Sajo

Mr P & Mrs J Rowley

Stephanie Mountzis

Apologies for not being able to thank you all personally, but we want you to know, your donation really has made a difference to them.

A Big thank you to our special NCT friend Rebecca who ran with her twin sister Rachael in the Winchester Santa Run on the 9th December 2010. They raised £378.40 in aid of Naomi House



“I struggled to know what to say to Beth and Ollie - what could I say? He was such a gorgeous baby boy.

I couldn't comprehend the tragic early end of Casper's life and how Beth and Ollie would cope. I felt helpless and unable to know how to support them. In our own way we found the Santa Run.”