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Casper’s Corner
When we have the strength, we will be fundraising for the various wonderful charities who helped us all during Casper’s lifetime, and who continue to help countless others who are going through unimaginable grief.

Click here if you would like to donate or find out about some of the charities that helped him
While Casper was ill, he was looked after by some wonderful people at Northbrook Ward, Winchester Hospital. The ward has plans for renovation, and there is a £1 million project in the pipeline. As part of this renovation, we are hoping that there will be a dedicated room for BOTH parents to stay with their loved one during the first night that they are admitted with a serious condition - we know this would have helped us during the first few nightmare days.
We will be fundraising and campaigning to make this happen, and are hoping it may be named ‘Casper’s Corner’.
Mitochondrial Diseases

Thank you for visiting Casper’s website. We have put this site together for our son Casper, who was born on 9th April 2010, and in our eyes was a very special baby. Casper had a mitochondrial condition. Until 8 weeks into his life, we didn’t even know what a mitochondrial condition was. In the first six weeks of Casper’s life everything seemed to be normal. However, from six weeks on he showed signs that something was not right.  In this website our aim is to raise awareness of the specific disease that effected him, to tell Casper’s story, and ultimately raise money for charitable causes which have touched Casper’s life.
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Beth and Ollie
Photos & Videos
Mitochondrial Diseases